Cosmetic tooth whitening

LIGHT WHITENING AC 6 % with active chlorophyll allows light activated in-office tooth whitening in accordance with the European Union Cosmetics Directive. Effective tooth whitening in 4 x 15 minutes in one session. Gentle and painless application. Optimal results when used with Whitening Lamp XG. Treatment can be intensified by subsequent use of HOME WHITENING.

To be used only in the dental clinic for patients older than 18 years of age.


Also availably for medical tooth whitening with 22 % or 32 % HP.


LIGHT WHITENING AC Gel in 2,5 ml-dual-chamber syringes

GINGIVA PROTECTOR light-curing, in 3 g-syringes

AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE for desensitizing and remineralization with a fruity taste in 3 ml-syringes

Available concentration

• 6  % HP (mixed)


• WHITEsmile Whitening Lamp, Whitening Lamp 2, Whitening Lamp XG

• Safety goggles

• Lip retractor with tongue guard



The most effective and fastest method of cosmetic chairside tooth whitening.

Application time per session

3 x 20 min. (max. 4 x 20 min.)
NEW: Whitening Lamp XG: 2-4 x 15 min.

Number of applications

1-2 sessions

Optimized konzentration for tooth whitening with WHITEsmile whitening lamps. The chemical reaction of the material is supported by the use of WHITEsmile whitening lamps.





Light activated tooth whitening

LIGHT WHITENING AC provides with 6  % Hydrogen Peroxide optimal whitening results and has a green colour of the active chlorophyll. During the application the green color becomes lighter and more transparent.

Gingiva Protector


To protect the gingiva during the treatment

The light-curing liquid rubber dam protects the gum during LIGHT WHITENING treatment. It can also be used to cover surrounding teeth during single tooth applications of the bleaching gel. The light blue Gingiva Protector only gets slightly warmer during polymerisation. Light curing can be done with polymerisation lamp or also with the Whitening Lamp XG.

After Whitening Mousse


For desensibilisation and remineralisation

AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE is the ideal product to use after a LIGHT WHITENING treatment. With potassium nitrate, fluoride and Xylitol it gives the tooth exactly what it needs after a bleaching session. It prevents sensitivities and has a very pleasant, fruity taste. The patient ends his tooth whitening session with a very pleasant feeling – true wellness for the teeth!

Tip: In case increased sensitivities are expected, AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE can also be used prior to the tooth whitening treatment.

Lip retractor


Retracts lips and tongue during procedure

The Lip Retractor for the LIGHT WHITENING treatment is comfortable for the patient to wear and can be disinfected. Contact between the tongue and bleaching gel can be avoided by using the tongue guard.

Whitening Toothpaste


Intensive care for whiter teeth

WHITENING TOOTHPASTE is the perfect everyday care for white teeth. It reduces the darkening of the teeth in the period following a professional tooth cleaning or a tooth whitening treatment and assures longer effects. To avoid tooth sensitivity WHITENING TOOTHPASTE is recommended before and after tooth whitening treatments or professional tooth cleaning. Thanks to the high amount of Xylitol it is part of a modern, scientifically proven prophylaxis system.

WHITENING TOOTHPASTE provides complete protection for the health of teeth and gums. It is suited for daily use – also for sensitive teeth.

Packaging sizes

New: LIGHT WHITENING AC 6 % kits with 2,5 ml-syringes tooth withening gel


  • 2 x 2,5 ml LIGHT WHITENING AC 6 % HP (mixed), green
  • 1 x 3 g-Gingiva Protector
  • 1 x 3 ml-After Whitening Mousse


  • 6 x 2,5 ml LIGHT WHITENING AC 6 % HP (mixed), green
  • 3 x 3 g-Gingiva Protector
  • 3 x 3 ml-After Whitening Mousse

* Tip: The configuration can vary in your country, please ask your local dealer for details.