Tips for dentists about tooth whitening

Cosmetic Directive Europe

Whitening products in the EU with 0.1% to 6% hydrogen peroxide are classified as cosmetics with the cosmetic directive 2011/84/EU starting November 2012.

Whitening products in this concentration can only be used on patients over 18 years and sold only by dentists.

With a medical indication whitening products with more than 6% hydrogen peroxide can be further marketed as a medical device. In case of doubt, the national provisions have to be respected. Outside the EU, as before apply the existing rules.

WHITEsmile has admission both as a cosmetics manufacturer and a medical device manufacturer.

Tooth Whitening before restaurations.

Tooth whitening increases the joy on beautiful white teeth significantly. Many patients do not know that the treatment can be performed easily and quickly by a dentist. In addition, many patientsvisit your practice because of a restorative treatment and do not think of inquiring about further treatment options.

Always offer your patients a tooth whitening, if you restorations will be vin the visible area. Your patients will thank you because they are much more satisfied with the overall treatment. Also the patient have the choice before the restauration for a tooth whitening. Otherwise crowns or fillings need to be exchanged later, because the color of retaurations can not be changed.

Tooth Whitening as "Prophylaxis+"

The second best way to make patients aware of the possibility of tooth whitening is the prevention. Removal of plaque can already lead to a considerably lighter shade. But if there are stains, only a tooth whitening can give a brighter color. Also a maintenance whitening can be integrated into the prophylaxis plan.

How can the success of the tooth whitening be measured?

In studies about whitening the refernce is always the VITA classical shade guide with a special sorting:
B1, A1, B2, D2, A2, C1, C2, D4, A3, D3, B3, A3,5, B4, C3, A4, C4
7 shades are for example. A3,5 to A2, A3,5 to A1 are 10 shades.

An exact sorting by brightness is not possible!

VITA has the new VITA Bleachedguide 3D Master with exact sorting by brightness in 0,5 shade steps. A paper version of this shade guide is included in all kits.

Tooth Whitening chairside with or without whitening lamp

WHITEsmile offers chairside whitening in methods: POWER WHITENING for tooth whitening without light activation, and LIGHT WHITENING with Whitening Lamp 2.

Hydrogen peroxide is a light- and heat-sensitive material. The patient’s breathing leads during tooth whitening to a cooling effect, that the gel reacts in the treatment without lamp at 28°C. By using the whitening gel with the Whitening Lamp 2 the gel is gently warmed to body temperature. This increases the reactivity of the material by approximately 50% and the whitening result is improved.

Which method should I offer in my clinic?

The methods have different advantages. With home whitening, the patient can decide how long and how often he repeats the treatment. With the Power Whitening everything goes very fast. And Whitening Pens offer an affordable entry. Combinations are also possible. It makes sense to offer alternatives to the patients.