Medical tooth whitening

IN-OFFICE WHITENING 35 % CP for strong discolorations for use in the dental office with laboratory custom-made trays only with medical indication. The application can be done in the waiting room of the dental clinic. Desired results are being achieved in 3-7 applications of 30-60 minutes. IN-OFFICE WHITENING is also suitable for internal bleaching of endodontically treated teeth with the “walking bleach technique”.

To be used only in the dental clinic for patients older than 18 years of age.


IN-OFFICE WHITENING Gel in 3 ml syringes for medical whitening  in the dental clinic

• Available only in single syringe kits

Available concentration

• 35 % CP (~ 12,2  % HP) for application in the waiting room of the dental clinic



Medical tooth whitening treatment tobe used in the waiting room of the clinic

Application time per session

35 % CP: in-office daytime in the waiting room, 30–60 min

Number of applications

35 % CP: 3-7 sessions





Fresh mint flavour

IN-OFFICE WHITENING Gel 35 % CP for application in laboratory-made customized trays in the dental clinic or for internal “walking bleaching” of endodontically treated teeth.

Thermoforming foils & traybox


For production and storage of laboratory made whitening trays

The bleaching sheets are especially designed to produce high quality laboratory-made bleaching trays. The sheets are 1mm thick and available round 120mm Ø or squares 125 x 125 mm.

The traybox is the optimal storage for the whitening trays.



For application on models

The red, light-curing block-out material can be applied to the model to create a reservoir for the bleaching gel in customised laboratory-made trays. Laboratory material, not for use on the patient.

The use of blocker is not mandatory fort he production of bleaching trays. The use is choice of the dentist.

After Whitening Mousse


For desensibilisation and remineralisation

AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE is the ideal product to use after the IN-OFFICE WHITENING treatment. With potassium nitrate, fluoride and Xylitol it gives the tooth exactly what it needs after a bleaching session. It prevents sensitivities and has a very pleasant, fruity taste. The patient ends his tooth whitening session with a very pleasant feeling – true wellness for the teeth!

Tip: In case increased sensitivities are expected, AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE can also be used prior to the tooth whitening treatment.

Whitening Toothpaste


Intensive care for whiter teeth

WHITENING TOOTHPASTE is the perfect everyday care for white teeth. It reduces the darkening of the teeth in the period following a professional tooth cleaning or a tooth whitening treatment and assures longer effects. To avoid tooth sensitivityWHITENING TOOTHPASTE is recommended before and after tooth whitening treatments or professional tooth cleaning. Thanks to the high amount of Xylitol it is part of a modern, scientifically proven prophylaxis system.

WHITENING TOOTHPASTE provides complete protection for the health of teeth and gums. It is suited for daily use – also for sensitive teeth.

Packaging sizes

Kit with 3 ml-Syringe tooth whitening gel

Single syringe

  • 1 x 3ml -syringe tooth whitening gel

* Tip: The configuration can vary in your country, please ask your local dealer for details.